Wednesday, December 27, 2006

All Packed Up

So I have all my arts and crafts and books and stuff packed up. Mostly in blue rubbermade containers, ready to go to go in the post off to the East Coast.

I think it will be months until I have everything organized. Lots of items are packed up in storage for the years until we return.

So my projects:

  • Dave's Christmas gift was a success. It was a handmade woolen woven blanket. It took me over 24 hours of work. See the picture - this is when it first was put on the loom. I will have another finished photo later.

  • Dave's Ex-Bosses Sweater - this is a project that is taking awhile. I can only work on it for a hour or so a night because it is sooooo heavy! I hope to get it done really soon.

  • I have given up on my first novel - actually I didn't really start it more than a page or so. I have decided to start another one based on a office and a psychopath.

  • I am knitting a small hat I hope to be done today.

  • Hmmmmmm I think I will purchase a loom for Halifax. I want to make some more blankets for people as gifts. And maybe some more table runners.

Too many projects not enough space! This year I am going to start Christmas Production in January. That's my New Year's resolution.

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JimGrim said...

the most awesomest sister in the world :P