Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Beginnings of a Multifunctionalist Lifestyle

10 weeks ago, I started to make a habit of creating or working on my multifunctionalist art. It started with a poem:

 My goal was to daily document through Instagram this commitment to my creative need.  Most days, I do work on something. Some days become too busy, but the intention to this drive; this productivity is there. I am daydreaming or building in my mind my multifunctionalist creations.

Here is a short journey over the last few weeks.

Sometimes it might just committing to being in the kitchen. Trying something new or creating my own recipe.

Or an exploration of an idea: when does a collection become an obsession?

And some more explorations:

What will happen over the next few weeks? I hope my multifunctionalism continues. What are you creating?

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