Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby Blankets!

I have been busy weaving and knitting baby blankets in the last few months. Here is a sample of what I have finished.

I completed two baby blankets based on the pattern called "Magnolia Blossom" from Design Challenges Monograph One - S.S. Piroch, page 59. This pattern was sent out as a sample exchange from Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers of Alberta.

The warp is mercerised cotton while the weft is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. I did one with a green variegated weft and another with blue variegated weft. The warp is blue & green in blocks.
Blue variegated weft.

Blue baby blanket

Close up on the blue blanket

Green Weft

Close up of Green Weft

Another baby blanket project features houses and flowers. The weft is mop cotton yarn and 2/8 cotton and the warp is a variety of colours in 2/8 cotton.

Some flowers have stems. Other flowers do not have stems.

On one side of the blanket the houses and flowers are indented while the other side the houses and flowers puff out.

The final blanket is a Wave Blanket pattern which is from Loop Knits
I have made this blanket before and it fun to knit. I used Bernat Handicrafter Yarn which makes it very washable.


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